The Mount Rainier-in Goats are here!

And the Chicago Cubs did finally beat every team in the league! ⚾ Our world is full circle now, people. 😉 No clue what I’m talking about? Well, the City of Mount Rainier is having some goats visit this week so that they may do their goat-y thang and feast on overgrown vegetation at Rogers Park in Mt. Rainier (4011 Eastern Ave, between Bunker Hill and Shepherd St). Annnddd The Mountain Goats are an Indie Folk band who presciently sang of a time when the Chicago Cubs would “beat every team in the league!” See? Full circle. So much knowledge packed into one paragraph!  You’re welcome. 🤣

📸 by Margaret Boozer-Strother

According to Mt. Rainier Vice Mayor, Shivali Shah, this plot of land in Mt. Rainier’s Ward 2 was donated by the Rogers Family to the city in 2000. Over time, it became overgrown to the point that adjacent properties were spending more time than not beating back poison ivy and the like for years. After approaching the Shah and Councilmember Knedler for assistance, Public Works Director Kourosh Kamali looked into the eco-friendly goat option and contracted with Maryland’s Eco-Goats to get the job done!

Hard at work! 📸 by Margaret Boozer-Strother

To prep for the visit, Shah shared that the “Mount Rainier Tree Commissioner and resident Gabe Popkins organized a clean up day in Feburary to remove some of the debris that was not organic. About 12 residents came to clean the property by hand including Councilmembers Celina Benitez, Luke Chesek, and myself. Mayor Miles also made an appearance to encourage everyone’s hard work. Public Works Maintenance Supervisor Leroy Sammy helped on the city side with materials for the volunteers, muscle, and a great smile.

The goats will be corralled behind an electrified fence for their safety. For your safety, there is a protective fence on the outside and warning signs. You can visit them any time of day. The goats will be our guests for the duration of this week, day and night. Yes, it is a goat sleepover in our city!”

Curious humans taking in the City’s new guests!
📸 by Margaret Boozer-Strother

More from Shah: 

Want to see them?  Please do! Come on down to Rogers Park and check out the goats at work. They will be here 24-7 until they leave (probably on Friday, May 25) Rogers park is a about a quarter of an acre bordering northeast Washington DC located at 4011 Eastern Avenue, in between Bunker Hill and Shepherd Street.

Adult supervision is necessary because we want to make sure all the rules are understood and observed.

I see you, Rajni! 
📸 by Margaret Boozer-Strother
Can we pet them?  Sorry. Please advise your little ones that these goats should not be touched.

Can we feed them?  Sorry, no for feeding also.

Why not? They are so cute! For a few reasons, we should neither pet nor feed the goats

a. Please do not call the goats over or hang or pull the safety fence. We definitely do not want to encourage them to approach the electrified fence because that will be harmful to them. They are already trained to avoid the perimeter and we do not want undo that training.

b. We don’t want to feed them because they are here to eat the poison ivy and English ivy in Rogers Park and do not want to fill their bellies with anything else.

c. Even though goats are known to eat anything, that is actually not true. There are plenty of things we eat that would be harmful, even lethal, to goats.

d. Also, remember, they are here because we have poison ivy for them to eat. This means, they will be covered in the oil that is toxic and itchy to humans. 

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