What’s Coming to Riverdale Park Station?!?

Drive-in movies, dance bands, cooking classes, outdoor fitness classes, beer ping pong and mini-golf are just some of the awesome ideas that were offered up and discussed at this evening’s focus group, convened by Riverdale Park Station (RPS) to get the community’s input on possible upcoming programming and activities. (Another focus group is meeting tomorrow. Details here.)

📷 by Riverdale Park Station’s Instragram feed 

Now – this doesn’t mean that these things are necessarily, definitely going to happen. But given that RPS has partnered with Biederman Redevelopment Ventures to guide its programing, my hopes are purdy high. Why?  Because Daniel Biederman and his crew know a thing or two about programming for public spaces; Biederman was the force behind turning NYC’s Bryant Park the lively, vibrant, awesome park it is today, full of life and programs that this former Manhattanite used to frequent ( & ❤). While RPS is not Bryant Park, it’s exciting to have a team with this successful track record working to bring cool, new programs for our local communities to enjoy.

Coming Soon: More fun programs like RPS’s Carnival last weekend! 

Speaking of, here are some of the ideas that were floated as possible events to host at Riverdale Park Station:  Music program (a cappella groups, accordion players, string quartets); Arts and crafts classes/demos; Reading Room; Author Readings; Chess/Checkers tables; Carousel; Lawn Games; Outdoor fitness; Square Dancing; Art & Holiday Markets; Photography Classes; Historic Walking Tours & more!

They noted that these programs would (for the most part) be free and all planned with the goal of making RPS both a community center and a place where you do your shopping. They also noted that they would be mindful of programming events that do not compete with local small businesses.

As a former aging policy advocate, I put in a plug for them to reach out to the various local aging-in-place groups (like Hyattsville’s Aging in Place and University Park’s Helping Hands UP  to encourage the inclusion of programs that will check off boxes for folks of all ages.

So – what say you?  What programs or events would you like to see at RPS?  Share in comments below!

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  1. Yes! Total beer destination! 🙂 And I concur on the cooking classes bit. Strange that nobody's hit on that potential gold mine yet! And why places don't have sidewalks is beyond me. Lack of sidewalks in Silver Spring was a huge negative for us when searching for a home.

  2. Hey Lisa! My apologies – I thought I replied to your comment! Yes, I used to advocate for strengthening Social Security & Medicare, among other programs supporting and enriching the lives of our older population. Re. RPS – I'd recommend reaching out to Ted Furst to share your thoughts: tfurst@brvcorp.com Good luck!

  3. Drive in movies and cooking classes, please! And all the craft breweries we can bring to the city. That's probably for a separate post, but I can't/won't stop saying how exciting it is that we're going to become a beer tourist destination town!! Now if we only had all of our sidewalks connected so we can safely walk to all of these things… #UPproblems

  4. Thank you for mentioning the area "villages" Hyattsville Aging in Place and Helping Hands University Park. How might we follow up on your encouragement and didn't know you were an aging policy proponent. We should talk about area development!!

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