PICTURES: March Sights Along Route One!

Enjoy peoples, places and general life along Route One? Me, too. Check out these pics of March Sights Along Route One! Maybe you’ll be in one soon! 😊

Love this pic of Aaron Marcavitch, Executive Director of Maryland Milestones, who was clearly giddy (and rightly so!) about the packed house for the release of his new book on the history of Route 1, entitled: US Route 1: Baltimore to Washington, DC. Nice work, Aaron!


Clown’s Without Borders performed at Joe’s Movement Emporium and they were hilarious! You should definitely plan to check them out next time they’re in town. Smiles from ear-to-ear on all of our faces as we watched the clowns’ hijinks and then ohhh and ahhs as we watched the amazing acrobats do their thing!

Pyramid Atlantic‘s Book Arts Fair was fantastic! Such a cool concept. 

Loved “The 50 Card Project” by Melanie Mowinski, where she created a a different limited-edition letterpress card based on different events, actions that occurred every week from Inauguration Day to the end of 2017. 

Great turnout for University Park’s March for Our Lives! Shout-out to UP’s Michele Pintur and Jennifer Harling for organizing this local opportunity to show our support for this movement!

Organizers Michele Pintur & Jennifer Harling!

The opening reception for HERStory was a hit! Color Story Creative packed the house for this female art installation on view now at Hyattsville Studio SoHy.

Color Story Creative’s Krissi Humbard & Adam Ortiz of Blue Plains
Local photographer Juliette Fradin (lover her in-home, family documentary style!)

And a sample of just one of the bajillion amazing houses and architecture to adore along Route One. Know which town this beaut is in? 😉

Hope you enjoyed this pictures-post! Hungry for more? Check out Route One Fun’s Facebook and Instagram pages to satiate that appetite! 🙂

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