Flying Back Home to Riverdale Park

It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  Sure is!  Have you seen the new airplane that flies atop of the MacAlpine Ice House at the entrance of Riverdale Park Station?  Jim Coleman of Riverdale Park Farmers Market guesses it to be an Ercoupe. Turns out, he is correct! Virtual high-five for you, Jim! 

According to the folks at Riverdale Park Station: “The single-propeller aircraft is an ERCO 415-C Model. it was manufactured in 1946 in the ERCO (Engineering Research Corporation) factory in Riverdale, just east of the town of Riverdale Park. ERCO made around 2,000 of the ERCO 415-C models and cost about $2,600 when it was made. Riverdale Park Station purchased the airplane from Compton, California and then refitted it for an outdoor display in Arizona by Digital Design LLC. It is now coming back home and going to land on the MacAlpine House at the entrance of Riverdale Park Station.”

Maryland Milestones noted, “The Ercoupe is…a legacy of the airplanes built here and its installation is a reminder of our #rivers2rockets history.” What a cool, visual reminder! 👏

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