District Taco’s Almost Here!

Look what I spotted in the Whole Foods Market parking lot this morning:

Appears that District Taco is almost here, people! Or, maybe someone from District Taco was simply shopping at Whole Foods…but my spidey sense tells me it’s the former! Compound that with the fact that my astigmatized eyes saw some folks walking in/around the to-be District Taco location and methinks I’m on to something….
I used to wait 20-30 minutes at their Metro Center spot just to indulge in their fish and breakfast tacos – they were that good. (Separate tacos, btw. Not a breakfast fish taco. But if that’s what you dig, the world is yours.) 
According to this map, they’ll be across from Whole Foods / Sir Rulean (aka “Blue Bear” – Sir Rulean won the name-this-bear contest and is apparently a take on the word “cerulean” which is a shade of blue). Other eateries will include MOD Pizza, Burton’s Grill, Jersey Mike’s, The Habit Burger Grill + more to come! 
Any stores or restaurants you’d like to see join Riverdale Park Station? Let me know in the comments! Maybe we can Field-of-Dreams them into reality! 😆

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  1. It's going to be a "luxury apartment" building and a parking deck next to the Golds. There will also be two other apartment buildings down by the train tracks that are not shown in the plan. The first apartment building should start in 2017 but will take over a year to finish. The other two buildings are later. I'll try to get a post up with info and attachments/diagrams as soon as I get time. I will post it this month.

  2. You are amazing, MDRE! Love this insight! And just checked out your blog. Love how you detail the thought process behind your purchase. And a tot lot there?! Who knew?! (Apparently, you. 🙂

  3. Ohh, I agree! Accessories place would be nice! I was about to look into the future residential query but just saw other reply below and methinks MDRE may have the scoop! Let me reply there and see! Thanks for taking the time to share a comment! 🙂

  4. This is great! Francesca's or Charming Charlie would be a great addition! How do we find out info on the "future residential"–will it be an apartment building and is there any info yet? Timing, management company, etc?

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